Are you good or evil?

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Are you good or evil?

Postby SarathW » Tue May 06, 2014 11:44 pm

Are you good or evil?
Good documentary about how mind is defiled of a child due to external factor and his latent tendencies. ... od-Or-Evil
“As the lamp consumes oil, the path realises Nibbana”

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Re: Are you good or evil?

Postby david.sojourn » Wed May 07, 2014 3:28 pm

SarathW wrote:Are you good or evil?
Good documentary about how mind is defiled of a child due to external factor and his latent tendencies. ... od-Or-Evil

True nature is good, harmonious, balanced, symbiotic.

We create our own evils within, through Fear, doubt, aversion, guilt, regret, desperation. It just so happens that the external environment in which we find ourselves is primed to help create these conditions within us.

Our human lives have "Fallen away" from their true nature, which is intrinsically what we might consider "good". You can blame the society, media, governments, dichotomies within the religions, drugs, greed from the corporations, etc, etc.

And you'd be right, but ultimately, no individual is truly "Programmed".

There is always a freedom of choice. That someone can be lead down a more evil path, does not remove the suffering they experience for their negative deeds. They "Choose" to ignore those things within them that are good, the "True Nature" that calls to all human beings from within.

While external conditions do set the stage for "Evil", "Sin", whatever you want to call it, there is always an internal choice to either do, or not do, the right thing. To do, or not do, the wrong thing.

Science wants you to believe we're all programs. This is perhaps, half true. We are conditioned by our environments, the people around us, and so on. But ultimately, underlying all of that conditioning, we have to "Choice" to follow it, or not.

Don't "buy" the science so easily. They're only ever studying the "results", and trying to extrapolate backwards from the results how it all works.

But they misunderstand.

It's like, if you take the number 6. And someone studies it, and comes up with "3+3=6". Then they do a news report. WE HAVE THE ANSWER!! The equation to reach the number 6 is 3+3!

But actually, there are infinite equations to reach the number 6. 4+2, 8-2, (4x3)-6, and so on.

Science has the very bad habit of finding a "result" (6), and finding only ONE equation, and then saying "This is how it must be!!!"

Then, when they find a 7, they say "Well, it must be 3+4!", and 8 "must be 3+5!"

So most scientists are just building all the "new" science off of incomplete models in the first place. It's very destructive. All the research is funded by special interest groups, and agencies trying to find/cause problems for other agencies.

Don't believe the science so closely. It's very deceptive. And I use to be quite the scientist myself, which is how I know it's generally deceptive.

Most scientists can't figure out how half the shit they claim to know, actually works. It's all just measuring "results", and "theorizing" about how that result came into existence.

You'll see. I bet science has a HUGE overhaul soon. Always does, every so often......

Science is missing one thing in its deterministic (Deceptive) models of reality.

It's missing the "true nature" of what an infinity is.

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Re: Are you good or evil?

Postby Ananda26 » Thu May 08, 2014 2:44 pm

SarathW wrote:Are you good or evil?
Good documentary about how mind is defiled of a child due to external factor and his latent tendencies.

Good! :clap:

Buddha has taught about kamma, action and the results of action. One is owner of one's action heir to one's action. So I understand that I had better be good. Not aragant about boasting my goodness, but serious about abstaining from evil, and letting myself do good, wholesome actions.

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Re: Are you good or evil?

Postby Crazy cloud » Thu May 08, 2014 2:59 pm

Guess the "I" of me has the capability to both evil and good, but I've experienced that out of "emtiness" comes only the goodygoody. Som then is the task quite clear, and it is to stay emty and awake. I love emtiness :)

Be well :)
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