The Phyu Tawya & Mahamyaing Tawya

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The Phyu Tawya & Mahamyaing Tawya

Post by Sekha » Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:56 am

This is in case someone wants to visit the The Phyu Tawya. It's located near Yangon, about an hour drive north. The information available on the internet about this place is not up to date.

Here are the directions as to April 2013:
Take bus number 48 at Sule Pagoda downtown Yangon, and go all the way to the end of the line (300 Ks). Then take a moto-taxi to the The Phyu Tawya (1000 Ks).

It's a nice place for a retreat, although you may like to think twice before staying there. Yogis are very much welcome (you may even find it is slightly too much), and they are not even required to be under 8 precepts, which means they can take a dinner. The kutis are spacious and comfortable, but there is a ten-day course every month, and my guess is you may have to share it at that time. The food is good, although as pretty much everywhere in Myanmar they are not very skillful with dietetics and the meals are not necessarily properly balanced, but you have fruits at every meal, which is good for your concentration skills.
There is a pagoda with meditation cells in it in the Goenka style (but you are not necessarily allowed to use them). Otherwise you meditate in the Dhamma Hall.

The meditation schedule is almost the same as during a Goenka course, and there is a significant number of monks and sayalays who seem to practice seriously. Not all monks follow the vinaya strictly though. You may see some monks riding motorbikes, smoking or chewing betel.

It is said that the sayadaw basically adopted Goenka's method with the power of jhanas, and that he was an excellent teacher. He seems to have completely changed over the past few years. He has started a project consisting in the construction of a huge pagoda in the middle of a forest, for which a large area of forest has been cut, and it is said that he started this project because some deva asked him to do so. I think this speaks for itself.
Here is the weblog:
There is also a facebook page.
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