Ladder of Inference

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Ladder of Inference

Post by twelph » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:55 am

I was listening to a series of talks by Donald Rothberg at Dharmaseed, and he kept referring to the "Ladder of Inference". He seems to be explaining it as a map of how papañca is proliferated, though that was not it's original intention. I found it interesting as something to study along side dependent origination, and as something to remember while being mindful during daily life. You can find more info here:" onclick=";return false; .

Affixed Meaning
Selected Data & Experience
Real Data & Experience

He mentions several things to watch out for to "bring you down" the ladder and allow you to experience things as they really are. They seem to coincide with the 4 foundations pretty well, and it's interesting to watch for these things while contemplating the ladder. In his talks he mentions:
Tracking thoughts
Watching emotions
Staying with the body
Checking for reactivity
Noticing repetition of thoughts
Acknowledging pleasant and unpleasant

You can find the excellent series of talks here: ... =-rec_date" onclick=";return false;

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