Actors go to Hell?

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Re: Actors go to Hell?

Post by Ananda Thera » Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:06 am

Only the five major crimes guarantee a rebirth to hell in the immediate next life. Other actions produce seeds for an unfavorable rebirth in the future. It all depends on ones kamma. This can be very complicated to explain here. It also depends on ones last moments before dying. Even an aggressive person can be reborn as a human or deva if he has complete pleasant thoughts before death. One of the countless reasons that make unskillful people more likely to be reborn in an unfavorable realm is that their habitual kamma may cause them to act or think like the way they lived and create some unpleasant moments before death. For example, a butcher may remember the cries of innocent animals and the killing, a housewife may recall her experiences with children and her quarrels with her husband, etc. Before death, the kamma that is likely or will determine the rebirth in the next life will most often manifest as an image, symbol, or memory. Also, when a rebirth determining kamma has appeared before death, an obstructive kamma, which itself cannot control the rebirth of a being can come in and obstruct the functioning of the original rebirth determining kamma. For example, if a kamma is to bring one to be reborn to hell, a good obstructive kamma from the past may hinder its functions and make one avoid the fate of hell and make him be reborn in the animal realm instead.

As for the actors going to hell idea, I want to remark that the Buddha said this around 2500 years ago, their culture is different from ours. Indeed, there are good actors and insane ones who just care about fame and beauty. Given the fact that more people get reborn in the four realms of woe than the blissful realms, and that human and deva rebirths are rare, we can just take a wild guess about the destiny of most actors, especially those in America, based on their lifestyle. But as I said, kamma and rebirth can be very complicated, and we never know for sure.

With Metta

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