Who is Mara?

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Re: Who is Mara?

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SamKR wrote:
Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:16 am
The Buddha suggests frequently (in Tipitaka) to overcome Mara. But who is Mara? Reading the Suttas I get impression that Mara is a real evil being.
I am looking for a clear and concise answer, but I would welcome any of your inputs regarding this question.
Thank you.

One time I think Brahma incarnated as Mara in order to trick The Buddha into thinking that everything is perment and eternal. The incarnation represented a personification of someone causing The Buddha into deluted thought. Like other analogies, The Buddha conversed with Mara (diciples, or other etc) and won the debate. Mara/Brahma kneeled to The Buddha exclaiming The Buddha's wisdom. Its a message that the delusion has been overthrown. A lot of messages are in form of analogies and dialogue.

The Brahma Invitation
https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitak ... .than.html
(Buddha said), "Monks, do not wage wordy warfare, saying: 'You don't understand this Dhamma and discipline, I understand this Dhamma and discipline'; 'How could you understand it? You have fallen into wrong practices: I have the right practice."~AN 4.183. Dont speak ill of other people and traditions with whom teach The Dharma. Right speech is respect in agreements and disagreements alike.


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