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Re: waitering and selling fish

Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 10:07 pm
by Fede
Annapurna wrote: Sure, we need those guys with the gold scales as well, for the alcoholics for instance.

I'm still not overly concerned about my cake. :tongue:
neither was I. I was merely indicating what happens to alcohol in different uses and circumstances. I wasn't even thinking about your cake, to tell you the truth..... :embarassed:

annapurna wrote:
Fede wrote: bear in mind that, in the main, most people we encounter are not Buddhist.
we can't oversee or govern them.
Who, me?
Annapurna wrote:I already said that.
I wasn't replying to you, I was really addressing the OP.....

Re: waitering and selling fish

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 1:28 pm
by Annapurna
Ok, Fede, no problem, it just wasn't clear, because you quoted me, and not the OP. :anjali: