The true qualities of an ascetic

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The true qualities of an ascetic

Post by sentinel » Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:11 pm

If one is ready to abandon the worldly possessions and attachment to it , why want to associate with it anymore ?
Therefore , a true recluse should strive hard on the path and not deviated from it .

Indeed, in answering this way you repeat what I’ve said, and don’t misrepresent me with an untruth. Your explanation is in line with the teaching, and there are no legitimate grounds for rebuke or criticism.

Gold and money are not proper for Sakyan ascetics. They neither accept nor receive gold and money. They have set aside gems and gold, and rejected gold and money.
If gold and silver were proper for them, then the five kinds of sensual stimulation would also be proper.
And if the five kinds of sensual stimulation are proper for them, you should definitely regard them as not having the qualities of an ascetic or a follower of the Sakyan.

...................Are you giving up a _kahāpaṇa_ coin for me?”

“Yes, Venerable.”

“Then just give me that _kahāpaṇa_.”

After giving a _kahāpaṇa_ to Upananda, that man grumbled and complained, “Just as we accept money, so do the Sakyan ascetics.”

The monks heard the complaints of that man, and the monks of few desires … complained and criticized him,” “How can Venerable Upananda receive money?

After criticizing him in many ways, they told the Master. … “Is it true, Upananda, that you did this?”

“It’s true, Master.”

The Buddha rebuked him, “… Foolish man, how can you receive money? This will not give rise to confidence in those without it … And, monks, this training rule should be recited thus:

Final ruling
‘If a monk takes, gets someone else to take, or consents to gold and silver being deposited for him, he commits an offense entailing relinquishment and confession.’”

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