How to do Vipassana after practicing Jhanas?

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How to do Vipassana after practicing Jhanas?

Post by thang » Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:34 am

Training Sequence mentioned in Dantabhumi sutta:
MAJJHIMA NIKĀYA III 3.5. Dantabhūmisuttaṃ (125) The sphere of Training
1. The Thus Gone One arises in the world.
2. Hearing this a householder .. gains faith .. goes forth as a homeless.
3. Practises right conduct, seeing fear in the slightest fault.
4. Protects his doors of mental contact, Seeing a form does not take the sign or details.
5. Knows the right amount to partake of food.
6. Abides wakeful. Sitting and walking, cleans the mind of hindering things.
7. Endows with mindful awareness. when going, standing, sitting and lying .. until awake.
8. Abounds a forest, the root of a tree, a mountain grotto, a charnel ground, a jungle path, an open space or a leaves hut.
9. Abides dispelling the five hindrances and wisely making the finer defilements of the mind weak,
10. Abides reflecting the four establishments of mindfulness.
11. Attains to the first, second, third and fourth jhānas.
12. Directs the mind for the knowledge of previous births.
13. Directs the mind for knowledge of the disappearing and appearing of beings.
14. Directs the mind for the destruction of desires.
He knows this is unpleasant, this its arising, this its cessation, and this, the path to the cessation of unpleasantness as it really is. Knows these are desires, this, their rising, this, their cessation and this, the path to their cessation as it really is. His mind that knows and sees thus, is released from sensual desires, from desires ‘to be’ and from ignorant desires. When released, he knows, I’m released, birth is destroyed, the holy life is lived, what should be done is done. There’s nothing more to wish.
How is this complied with and described by modern vipassana methods ?
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