Pseudo-melodic Thai Theravada chant

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Pseudo-melodic Thai Theravada chant

Post by Kabouterke »

Hi everyone,

I recently came across this video of a group of Thai monks chanting in a pseudo-melodic way, and I was immediately intrigued:

Could you help me answer any of the following questions:
1. What sutta are they chanting? (The transliterated name in the title doesn't help very much)
2. Is this style of pseudo-melodic chant common? Does it have a name?
3. Where/when would you hear monks chanting like this? Is it associated with certain temples?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Re: Pseudo-melodic Thai Theravada chant

Post by JamesTheGiant »

That's a nice one, thanks. If you find any more like that can you post them here? I'd like to listen to more.

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Re: Pseudo-melodic Thai Theravada chant

Post by Mr Man »

See this thread


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