Pañhabyākaraṇa Sutta

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Pañhabyākaraṇa Sutta

Postby Sekha » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:39 am

Hello friends,

I am creating a website where I publish french translations of suttas, from English translations.

I wonder if anyone here would be skilled enough, or would know a place where I could find such people, to help with the translation of Pañhabyākaraṇa Sutta, the last versified part, as I am not satisfied with the two available versions I found, very different one from another: ... -41-50.htm and ... .than.html

pali text:

Ekaṃsavacanaṃ ekaṃ, vibhajjavacanāparaṃ;

Tatiyaṃ paṭipuccheyya, catutthaṃ pana ṭhāpaye.

‘‘Yo ca tesaṃ tattha tattha, jānāti anudhammataṃ;

Catupañhassa kusalo, āhu bhikkhuṃ tathāvidhaṃ.

‘‘Durāsado duppasaho, gambhīro duppadhaṃsiyo;

Atho atthe anatthe ca, ubhayassa hoti kovido.

‘‘Anatthaṃ parivajjeti, atthaṃ gaṇhāti paṇḍito;

Atthābhisamayā dhīro, paṇḍitoti pavuccatī’’ti. dutiyaṃ;

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