Forgotten Ajahn Puth Thaniyo's Teachings

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Forgotten Ajahn Puth Thaniyo's Teachings

Post by thang » Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:59 pm

He was a student of Ajahn Sao who is a teacher of Ajahn Mun.
Now let us talk about meditation practice. The activity of practising meditation includes both samatha, calm, and vipassana, insight meditation. You have probably heard and read a great deal on meditation practice, but some of you may be wondering what's the best and most effective way to practise it. Some of you have come to ask me - "Luang Por, I want to practice in a way which will produce the fastest results. Is there some skilful means which will bring fast results? How shall I practise?" In answer to this I say, "There is no such thing. Not in this world anyway". The way to produce the quickest results in practice is to resolve to practise with the utmost persistence. We must practise in a way which goes beyond all hesitation and all doubt so that practice is sustained.

There is an important point here which needs to be clearly understood. Which way is the straight and genuine way? The answer is that any meditation object which you choose to work with can provided all the benefits, provided that you sit in samadhi wholeheartedly three or four times a day - and that each of those times you sit for a full hour. Each time you sit, you sit resolutely. From such resolute efforts benefits will automatically arise. If the benefits are not equal to our efforts it is because we have not yet been able to cut off our worries and suspicions regarding the particular technique that we are using. This undermines the practice.
A short biography of Phra Ajaan Puth Thaniyo (1921-1999)
"Bhikkhus, whatever the Tathāgata speaks, _ all that is just so and NOT otherwise."

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