How do you train for Sila?

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Re: If you become a Sotapanna will you know that?

Post by auto » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:09 pm

Physical body without feeling of craving would suffer or even die similarly like sugar dependency illness, craving will put some things into movement in body and body will get healed in seconds.

Craving is your friend because there is needed a signal in body what start the processes. Seeing meat will put the mouth water, that's all is needed to get away with the desire to eat the meat(to at least see that the desire is the taste we want like good spicy barbeque steak).

That type of water won't be enough tho, there comes later(days,weeks) another state what looks like a person who hasn't get his shot into blood, physically weak, not able to talk properply, talking nonsense..that state is cured by recognizing craving it will heal almost immediately.

I do not eating over, basically stop eating when the empty stomach feeling go away[the fire but in some days like today i have the fire and i see it is not from not eating its a good fire nevertheless it hurts a bit that is not the fire what is from hot water craving](of course not always, but pretty much over 75 percent of days). There are days where there is so much craving and these days i can segregate feeling from craving by using restraint, i don't go for to grab food, if i go take food then i just will repeat the same process in different day or the craving won't go away so i suffer so long till i actually segregate the feeling.

Now having a better discernment i actually see/feel what happen in body, in my head, the energy or water flow after the segregation happen and consequently can segregate more frequently. I suffer more frequently respectevly to how fast i get away with it.

Long story but to tell that its when to restraint body without feeling of craving and other things. Well i have done 1 year without coffee before but that is not useful if not feel craving because i used other treats what excused coffee…., craving is (at least for me) to be able to learn, watch, segregate information.

Precepts (wiki says) is training, it is i think not mute'ing or cutting off. After i get the feeling, craving stops, now i see the water also flow, there happen something in body.
Eating is a subject, there is many things, i think eating one meal a day just general rule to ensure some progress(like it would fit 67 person out of 100 so it is still a success), like when Buddha would give individual instructions they would be different i believe.
Like not all listeners would get progress only some of them and not all in same grade.

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Re: How do you train for Sila?

Post by No_Mind » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:56 pm

paul wrote:
Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:37 pm

A practitioner trains for sila by first understanding that morality in Buddhism is anything that takes the mind towards nibbana.
In that way sila becomes the driving force for mindfulness.
Excellent point and definition

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