Can everyone share their views on dependent origination ?

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James Tan
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Re: Can everyone share their views on dependent origination ?

Post by James Tan » Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:13 pm

According to Goenka in the video above post , the ignorant is the not knowing of how the suffering came about .
With ignorant as the cause there is volition , with volition there arises consciousness . With the consciousness as the cause the namarupa (lifeform) came to be . With the namarupa the six sense media came to be . With the six sense media the feeling arises . Because of feeling arises (like/dislike) craving . Due to the craving multiply the clinging came to be. Because of clinging the power of life continuously flows.
Because of the intense life power, upon death , a new life came into being . As new life started aging and death and suffering is inevitable .

P/s. What I don't understand is how the ignorant
Turns into volition and how volition give rise to consciousness ? Then , how is it consciousness cause the rising of the namarupa ?

Anyone care to explain ?!

Thanks .

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Re: Can everyone share their views on dependent origination ?

Post by anthbrown84 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:55 pm

ok, so having once identified craving and how to let it go, i was able to see clearly with insight, how the following links did not arise.

ill describe it as best as i can...

something happened which would tend to annoy me.

at the moment of realising this i let go of the craving (the i like it/i dont like it)... so when that was let go of, the clinging (thinking about it) ceased, as did the habitual tendency, as did the birth of action... and with the death of that action, the suffering didnt come to be.

so having let go of these links i can see how this works... and logically i can trace it back earlier before the point i have seen with insight....

the feeling before the craving was a negative feeling

the contact before the feeling was mind contact

the 6 fold base before the contact was mind

the mentality materiality before the 6 fold base was a perception or a thought that arose

and before that there is conciousness, before that there is formations and before that there is delusion... but i cant explain these as im not that wise haha

Bhante Vimalaramsi is the best explainer of these as he reads directly from the suttas. and who could explain this better than The Buddha himself ey?

anthony :@)
"Your job in practise is to know the difference between the heart and the activity of the heart, that is it, it is that simple" Ajahn Tate

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Re: Can everyone share their views on dependent origination ?

Post by justindesilva » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:05 am

May I make a note here rather than anything if we follow the noble eightfold path sincerely honestly and practically at least for one week then we will be able to understand paticca samuppada better with anatta.

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