Suffereing ends here and now and Sutta is layered

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Suffereing ends here and now and Sutta is layered

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8. "When a noble disciple has thus understood the unwholesome, the root of the unwholesome, the wholesome, and the root of the wholesome, he entirely abandons the underlying tendency to lust, he abolishes the underlying tendency to aversion, he extirpates the underlying tendency to the view and conceit 'I am,' and by abandoning ignorance and arousing true knowledge he here and now makes an end of suffering. In that way too a noble disciple is one of right view, whose view is straight, who has perfect confidence in the Dhamma and has arrived at this true Dhamma."
Basically the end point is arousal of true knowledge what ends suffering. And that means disciple is one of right view and has arrived to true Dhamma.

But thats not all there are more besides the wholesome and the unwholesome section there is nutriment, The four noble truths, aging and death, birth, being, clinging, craving, feeling, contact, the sixfold base, mentality-materiality, consciousness, formations, ignorance, taints.

These sections are orderly, ending suffereing in first section doesn't break the chain, next there comes nutriment. That chain will happen anyway, if you arive ending the suffering via the four noble truths then that means that the natural circle of this chain was there and that is why you got it that way.

Possible is that is the reason why Buddha had different teachings for different people because of that.

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