Can one learn hiri and ottappa (as an adult)?

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Re: Can one learn hiri and ottappa (as an adult)?

Post by phil » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:51 am

I would say that as a result of having heard the teachings, there can be more and more appreciation of the moments of hiri otappa that do arise, and appreciation of those moments will condition more. So our habit patterns will be learning, if you will, a kind of machine learning. Probably better to appreciate that sort of thing than setting out to intentionally cultivate it in a rushed way. As with metta.

For example, as a result of your excellent question I am quite sure people who have read and reflected on this thread will find later in their busy days that an awareness/appreciation of hiri otappa will arise unexpectedly.
Kammalakkhano , bhikkhave, bālo, kammalakkhano pandito, apadānasobhanī paññāti
(The fool is characterized by his/her actions/the wise one is characterized by his/her actions/Wisdom shines forth in behaviour.)
(AN 3.2 Lakkhana Sutta)

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