Best sutta to memorize

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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by Bhikkhu Pesala » Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:35 am

zan wrote:I did find a conversation within an unrelated post that mentioned roughly this information though: ... 96#p418171. It was that post that lead to my idea for this one.
That's the post that I remembered.
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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by mikenz66 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:19 am

SarathW wrote:Thank you Mike.
How can I get the print out?
Pali texts are available on Sutta Central and other sites. I have not looked carefully at which texts they use for the English versions, but MN 1, for example, is Thanissaro Bhikkhu's translation, which is available on Access to Insight. ... .than.html ... rdrfrn.mp3


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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by zan » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:23 pm

Bhikkhu Pesala wrote:
zan wrote:I did find a conversation within an unrelated post that mentioned roughly this information though: ... 96#p418171. It was that post that lead to my idea for this one.
That's the post that I remembered.
Oh okay, thank you Venerable.
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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by R1111 = rightviewftw » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:46 am

Updated with Cliffs, incl some commentary, study editions for some and included several versions of translations for most difficult Suttas as well as Pali text for some. There could be mistakes.
There are "only" ~60 Suttas here.

Training instruction:
Maha Satipatthana Sutta: Great Discourse on the Four Frames of Reference (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Maha Satipatthana Sutta: Great Discourse on the Four Frames of Reference (Burma Pitaka) ... .bpit.html
Satipatthana Sutta:The Discourse on Mindfulness Meditation
The Commentary to the Satipatthana Sutta ... ml#comment
Kayagata-sati Sutta - Mindfulness immersed in the body ... .than.html
Aggi Sutta: Fire (Right and Wrong Times) ... .wlsh.html
Ahara Sutta: Food (For the Factors for Awakening) ... .than.html
Dvedhavitakka Sutta: Two Sorts of Thinking ... .than.html
Vitakkasanthana Sutta: The Removal of Distracting (Thanissaro Translation) ... .soma.html
Vitakkasanthana Sutta: The Relaxation of Thoughts (Soma Translation) ... .than.html
Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death (1) ... .than.html
Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death (2) ... .than.html
Upajjhatthana Sutta: Subjects for Contemplation ... .than.html
Asubha Sutta: Unattractiveness ... .than.html
Mahanama Sutta: To Mahanama (Subjects for Recollection) ... .than.html
Maha-sihanada Sutta: The Great Discourse on the Lion's Roar (The Buddha's Special Qualities) ... .ntbb.html
Anapanasati Sutta: Mindfulness of Breathing ... .than.html
Ānāpānasatisuttaṁ 01 (MN 118) Pali+ Commentary + Study)) ... ttam-1.htm

Four Noble Truths, Misc, Elements, Senses & Aggregates:
Gilana Sutta Ill (3) (Factors of Enlightenement for Curing Sickness)
Gilana Sutta: Ill (Ariyan Deathbed Reassurances) ... .than.html
Udayi Sutta: About Udayin (On teaching the Dhamma) ... .than.html
Ajivaka Sutta: To the Fatalists' Student (On Choosing Teacher) ... .than.html
Three Cardinal Discourses:
Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta: Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion ... .than.html
Anatta-lakkhana Sutta: The Discourse on the Not-self Characteristic ... .nymo.html
Adittapariyaya Sutta: The Fire Sermon ... .nymo.html

Nibbana Sutta: Unbinding ... .than.html
Sakka-pañha Sutta: Sakka's Questions (excerpt) (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Sakka-pañha Sutta: Sister Vajira Comments ... Quest.html
The Great Recital (Comperhensive Religious Discourse by Sariputta)
Indriya-bhavana Sutta: The Development of the Faculties(Thanissaro Translation) ... .than.html
Indriyabhāvanāsuttaṃ(152) Development of the Mental Faculties(Alternative Translation) ... ana-e.html
Mahatanhasankhaya Sutta: The Greater Craving-Destruction Discourse (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
MahatanhasankhayasuttamThe Longer Discourse on the Destruction of Craving(B Bodhi)
MahatanhasankhayasuttamThe Longer Discourse on the Destruction of Craving(B Bodhi & Bhikkhu Ñanimoli) ... _Sutta.htm
Chachakka Sutta: The Six Sextets(Thanissaro) Dhamma admirable in the beginning, admirable in the middle, admirable in the end) ... .than.html
Chachakkasuttaṃ(148) The Discourse of Six Sixes ... kka-e.html
Aññatra Sutta: A Certain Brahman (explains Cessation) ... .than.html
Anupada Sutta: One After Another (Ven. Thanissaro)(Jhanas)) ... .than.html
Maha-suññata Sutta: The Greater Discourse on Emptiness (Seclusion&Emptiness) ... .than.html
Cula-suññata Sutta: The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness ... .than.html
Girimananda Sutta: To Girimananda (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Girimananda Sutta: Discourse to Girimananda Thera (Piyadassi Thera) ... .piya.html
Girimananda Sutta:
Girimananda Sutta: (English+Pali Study) ... suttam.htm
Sattatthana Sutta: Seven Bases (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Sattatthana Sutta:The Seven Cases (triple investigator)
Sañña Sutta: Perception (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Nibbedhika Sutta: Penetrative explanation (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Nibbedhika Sutta: 6.63. A Penetrative Discourse
Agganna Sutta: A Book of Genesis
Sabbasava Sutta: All the Fermentations (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Sabbasava Sutta: Discourse on All Āsavas (PTA) ... .bpit.html
Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta: An Analysis of the Properties (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Dhātuvibhaṅgasuttaṃ(140) Classification of Elements ... nga-e.html
Brahmajāla Sutta: The All-embracing Net of Views ... .bodh.html
Parileyya (Views and Practice)
Canki Sutta: With Canki (Thanissaro) Awakening to the truth & Conditions One by One)) ... .than.html
Canki Sutta: With Canki (excerpt) Ñanamoli Thera)) ... .nymo.html
Mahavedalla Sutta: The Greater Set of Questions-and-Answers (Thanissaro) (Sariputta on Delineation+) ... .than.html
Mahāvedallasuttaṃ(43) The Longer Discourse - Questions and Answers ... ta-e1.html
Culavedalla Sutta: The Shorter Set of Questions-and-Answers (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Cūlavedallasuttaṃ(44) The Shorter Discourse on Questions and Answers ... ta-e1.html
Madhupindika Sutta: The Ball of Honey (Thanissaro)delineation of contact)) ... .html#fn-1
Madhupiṇḍikasuttaṃ(18) The Honey Ball ... ta-e1.html
Ahara Avijja Sutta: Ignorance
Dvayatanupassana Sutta: The Contemplation of Dualities (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Dvayatanupassana Sutta: A Teaching Hard to Know ... .olen.html
Maha-cattarisaka Sutta: The Great Forty (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Mahācattārīsakasuttaṃ(117) The Longer Discourse on the Forty ... aka-e.html
Devadaha Sutta: At Devadaha (On Kamma) ... .than.html
Devadahasuttaṃ(101) At Devadaha ... ha-e1.html
Sivaka Sutta: To Sivaka (Thanissaro) Kamma)) ... .than.html
Sivaka Sutta: To Sivaka Nyanaponika Thera ... .nypo.html
Kamma Sutta: Action (Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Kamma.m Sutta: Kamma ... .wlsh.html
Tittha Sutta: Sectarians(One Kamma) Thanissaro) ... .than.html
Tittha Sutta: ... suttam.htm
Nalakalapiyo Sutta: Sheaves of Reeds (Thanissaro) Conditional Relations)) ... .than.html
Sallekha Sutta: Purity ... ClothSutta
Sallekha Sutta: The Discourse on Effacement (Nyanaponika Thera) ... .nypo.html
The Discourse on Right View (Sammaditthi Sutta) ... 7.html#pt1
Cunda Kammaraputta Sutta: To Cunda the Silversmith (Right Action) ... .html#mind
Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta: Instructions to Rahula at Mango Stone (Right speech & Reflections) ... .than.html
Viggahika Sutta: Wordy Warfare ... .wlsh.html
Kathavatthu Sutta: Topics for Discussion ... .than.html
Samaññaphala Sutta: The Fruits of the Contemplative Life ... tml#speech
Abhaya Sutta: To Prince Abhaya (On Right Speech) ... .than.html
Dwelling Negligently
Five Fearful Animosities
Saraniya Sutta: Conducive to Amiability ... .than.html
Sigalovada Sutta: The Discourse to Sigala ... .nara.html
Kalama Sutta: To the Kalamas (on choosing a teacher) ... .than.html
Sabba Sutta: The All (definition of all in the doctrine) ... .than.html
In Tandem (Four Paths to Arahantship)
Analysis (Of the Path Factors)
Vitthara Sutta: (Strengths) in Detail ... .than.html
Iddhipada-vibhanga Sutta: Analysis of the Bases of Power ... .than.html
Nava Sutta: The Ship ... .than.html
Atthasata Sutta: The One-hundred-and-eight Exposition(On Feelings) ... .html#fn-1
Vedana Sutta: Feeling ... .than.html
Bahuvedaniya Sutta: The Many Kinds of Feeling ... .nypo.html
The Tenfold Series (Sariputta )
Lokavipatti Sutta: The Failings of the World (Eight worldly conditions) ... .than.html
Susima Sutta: About Susima (Pannavimutti/dry insight) ... .than.html
The Roots of the Uposatha (On being truthful in one's religious practise+Reflections)
Alagaddupama Sutta: The Water-Snake Simile(Thanissaro (Abandoning Views and Sensuality)) ... .html#fn-1
Alagaddupama Sutta: The Water-Snake Simile (Nyanaponika Thera (Abandoning Views and Sensuality)) ... .nypo.html
Potaliya Sutta: To Potaliya (sensuality similies) ... .than.html
Alavika Sutta: Sister Alavika (sensuality similies) ... .than.html
Vammikasuttaṃ(23) The Simile of the Ant Hill (sensuality similies) ... ta-e1.html
Kama Sutta: Sensual Pleasure (sensuality similies) ... .than.html

Ratana Sutta: The Jewel Discourse ... .piya.html
Pali ... html#v.222

Atanatiya Sutta: Discourse on Atanatiya ... .piya.html
Pali ... ml#pts.194

Ahi Sutta: A Snake ... .piya.html
Ahi Sutta: (Pali ) ... ml#pts.072

The Discourse on Friendliness Meditation
Mettasutta (Pali)

Karaniya Metta Sutta — Good Will (Thanissaro) ... html#khp-9
Karaniya Pali ... html#v.143

Dasadhamma Sutta: Discourse on The Ten Dhammas ... .piya.html
Pali ... ml#pts.087
Ten Things
Pabba­ji­ta­a­bhiṇ­ha­sutta (Dasadhamma) Pali v2)

The Discourse on the Blessings
Mangala Sutta: Blessings ... .nara.html
Mangala Sutta: Blessings ... .soni.html
5. Maṅgalasutta (Pali)
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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by Pseudobabble » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:21 pm

I like MN 72, the Aggi-Vachagotta Sutta

It's a very good example of how to 'do' Right View.
"Does Master Gotama have any position at all?"

"A 'position,' Vaccha, is something that a Tathagata has done away with. What a Tathagata sees is this: 'Such is form, such its origination, such its disappearance; such is feeling, such its origination, such its disappearance; such is perception...such are fabrications...such is consciousness, such its origination, such its disappearance.'" - Aggi-Vacchagotta Sutta

'Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return.' - Genesis 3:19

'Some fart freely, some try to hide and silence it. Which one is correct?' - Saegnapha

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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by Dhammarakkhito » Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:52 pm

"Just as the ocean has a single taste — that of salt — in the same way, this Dhamma-Vinaya has a single taste: that of release."
— Ud 5.5 ... 34/?type=3 ... allytaught

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Re: Best sutta to memorize

Post by rightviewftw » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:06 pm

:thanks: :goodpost: i will chant it:)
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