I want to read the Visuddhimagga but...

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Re: I want to read the Visuddhimagga but...

Post by alan » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:15 am

There is enough in the original suttas to keep you reading and thinking your whole life. No need to go elsewhere.

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Re: I want to read the Visuddhimagga but...

Post by form » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:38 am

Coëmgenu wrote:
form wrote:I do not see anything mahayana-like in vimuttimagga, even in visuddhimagga. Just more detailed and specific instructions on certain aspects for example meditation.
Indeed, I suspect whoever told the OP there was "Mahāyāna influences" was trying to discredit the literature, or was labelling everything that does not fit their definition of "Pāli sutta orthodoxy" as "Mahāyāna".
It could be. I also want to point out in the pali canon, the buddha has use different words to express certain very specific aspect of the dharma, without knowing such different words mean the same thing, a reader cannot progress.

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