The whole body, not the heart, as "seat of consciousness": the Buddha's view

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Re: The whole body, not the heart, as "seat of consciousness": the Buddha's view

Post by SamKR » Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:36 pm

form wrote:
SamKR wrote:Rupa as mere body is an unfortunate translation/interpretation.

I would say that the whole world, not merely the body, not merely the heart, as "seat of consciousness".
(This statement is intended to be interpreted in a specific way.)
What would you translate rupa as in this case?
Javi wrote: Interesting, can you elaborate? In what way is the whole world the seat of consciousness?
Rupa is what/how something appears (form), and Nama is the name or label to single out that Rupa. For example, take a rectangular table. "Table" is a Nama, and the solid rectangular shape or form is a Rupa.

Now, Nama depends upon how it appears (Rupa); if it appears differently then it could be named as a "Chair" or something else. Also, Rupa depends upon how it is singled out (Nama); if it is labeled or singled out or demarcated differently then whole appearance is different.

Both Nama and Rupa depend upon Vinnana or discriminatory-knowing for their presence; and conversely Vinnana depends upon there being something (Nama-Rupa) diverse to be known.

Hence both Nama and Rupa cannot be outside the domain of Vinnana - and therefore the interpretation of Rupa as physical matter that is outside the domain of consciousness cannot be the accurate interpretation. Whatever is there in the world or as the world, is Nama-Rupa that is discovered or known due to Vinnana, and whatever knowing (Vinnana ) there is, is rooted in Nama-Rupa.

(That's just my understanding.)
Javi wrote: Clearly you don't feel pain when you step on ants or walk over grass/shrubs and crush their stems. Are rocks and sand conscious?
This very question appears to be based on quite different understanding/interpretation already. Based on the understanding/interpretation I presented above, I don't want to say "rocks and sand are conscious" but I would say rocks, sand, ants, grass/shrubs (nama-rupa) depend upon consciousness (vinnana).

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