Why is Mindfulness So Difficult ??

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Re: Why is Mindfulness So Difficult ??

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Mindfulness is simply a matter of practice. You were once very, very mindful for the first year or so of your life, then you were taught to separate yourself from everything else and center your thoughts on you.

The more you practice watching and learning the more you will head back to that first year. Learning does not have to be large or complicated. When you come home from work learn where you put your jacket, wallet and keys. Before you go to be learn where you laid your eyeglasses. Learn someone's name etc.. When you are washing dishes look at your hands at work, look at the dishes as they are picked up, washed and put on the rack. Stop and learn the way you are sitting or laying or walking. Then forget those things and look at the grass and sidewalk and clouds and telephone wires.

Thinking is man's worst enemy, it has taken over and although the men it is attached to are alive it works tirelessly to destroy those men and all of life. Silly huh? Thought it to be used like a screwdriver, taken out of the toolbox when it is complimentary to life, but stowed back away when it is not needed, is destructive or is not practical. If someone throws a brick at your head and you think about it then it hits you, but if you move without a thought then you are saved.

Realize there is no free will. Left alone your body will function like a plant, moving towards what it needs to live, retracting from what harms it. Your thoughts are also the same as a tree, moving towards what perpetuates them and away from that which destroys them. Because thought has separated itself from life and forgot it needs life, it can destroy it. This is what ignorance is. Anyone can see that things that work in harmony continue, things that work against each other decay. The ego has forgot what it is, had made up new identities for itself, new divisions and set them against each other.

Once you see what you are then you are free of all this. You will be part of the whole again and you will execute your nature. Thought can be played with like a toy as long as it is not mistaken for what is real.
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Re: Why is Mindfulness So Difficult ??

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A talk that investigates our intentions, which I hope will be an aid to those struggling with mindfulness. msb.dharmaseed.org/talks/audio_player/163/19556.html

Dharma Seed - Shaila Catherine's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
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Re: Why is Mindfulness So Difficult ??

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mgm2010 wrote:Can it be that our evolution and survival so far has been based on the thought process ??
Most definitely yes, and I'm quite surprised to see that no one has pointed this out in this thread previously.
Our flowing thought process is key to innovation, imagination, visualisation, which are all necessary ingredients in order to invent tools, then invent techniques, then invent customs and traditions, types of social organization, strategies, etc. it's not a coincidence if many great inventions occured to people right when they were day-dreaming.
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Re: Why is Mindfulness So Difficult ??

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mgm2010 wrote:I am a non-buddhist but I am avid reader and practitioner of buddhist scriptures. Since quite some time , an idea has been haunting me as to why, at all, it becomes so difficult for the mind to come to a single focus or to remain watchful of what is going on [ mindfulness ] ?? What is it in the fundamental structure of the mind that makes these activities so very difficult ?? Can it be that our evolution and survival so far has been based on the thought process ?? Hence the mind has been conditioned over billions of years to the thought process and is not able to mould itself to thoughtlessness or concentration or mindfulness(These terms I am using rather loosely).
I would say it is a matter of personal narative, projecting into the future (possibilities of what one will become) and what was. this giving us a context of self in the present.
I would include here that looking for danger... is included here as a form of future projection.
Concentration in all its forms, and mindfulness are natural abilities of the mind. However, for them to be upright (samma), they need to be put to use in the correct context of upright view.
That is not to say one has to become a Buddhist.
2. Secondly, I am interested to know what does the buddhist scriptures have to say about
(a) Meditation before going to sleep
(b)Meditation during sleep ??
to my knowledge lucid dreeming (or similare sleep based awareness) is not mentioned in the texts.

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Re: Why is Mindfulness So Difficult ??

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Hi mgm2010,

This little mindfulness booklet by Ajahn Sumedho might be helpful :

http://cdn.amaravati.org/wp-content/upl ... umedho.pdf

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