Teacher claims to receive teachings from Brahma god

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Re: Teacher claims to receive teachings from Brahma god

Post by kelijay » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:02 pm

Hi All,
Just thought of sharing my view and i hope this reply is relevant especially since i have also attended one of his retreats.

sati1 you said "He also teaches that metta meditation should not be directed towards oneself (because that apparently reinforces self-belief)"
Even when i was a kid i had the sense there was something off with saying "may i be well" mainly because in buddhist teaching three things we try to contemplate upon is impermanence, suffering, non self. If we are saying "may i be well" it's directly contradicting the contemplation of non self. Although even before i attended his retreat i have heard from few monks that buddha only said to radiate love and kindness towards all living being in directions "uddham adho ca tiriyan ca". I'm glad this teacher cleared that doubt for me with a proper explanation.

sati1 you also wrote he says "that mindfulness of breathing and mindfulness in general are not very useful"
This sentence is really misleading and taken out of context. He never says it's not useful. He only says that anapanasati meditation is a deep meditation, and there are 16 parts to it and in general buddhist only do 2 parts and even that we don't do it correctly since we haven't been taught right Other reason is we have to correct 9 wrong perceptions before we come to that. Those perceptions being anithya, anattha, asuba, parahana, aadeenava etc (sorry for the misspelling of these perception words) and that's why buddha preached anapanasati as the last one here.

Getting teaching for divine beings, this i look at it like even in buddha's time in suttas you can see divine beings helping diciples with buddhist teaching and if you think about it it's was only 2500 years back if it was true then why not now? Although if can't see divine beings for ourselves, what's important is if the explanations of the buddha's teachings by this teacher makes sense to you or not. Also if we have lived for eons and eons basically an infinite number of lives already who knows i might have been your brother once or so many more times in previous lives too :)

All i can say is we create our point of views by listening to various teachers and we think our opinion is the only true one. All i'm saying is if this teachers explanations of the suttas makes sense to you and most importantly if the meditations does a change in you for good and change the perception you had about all things then you can decide for yourself if it's for you or not.

With metta
Hope everyone attains nibbana and end this suffering :)

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Re: Teacher claims to receive teachings from Brahma god

Post by rightviewftw » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:46 am

someone should invite this teacher to the forum, it has so many nice people and make an account for the Brahma god if possible.

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