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Zom wrote:
Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:29 am
I don't want to get offtopic from the interesting discussion but Ram Bomjon was shown to be a fake sharlatan who then went to become a sadistic guru. He killed a couple of woman and did all kind of sadistic stuff.
Yes, I know that his story is contradictory, and there are claims from some people that he is a bad guy. How much of that is true - I don't know, same stories circulated even around the Buddha -) It seems to me, Ram Bomjon was (at least many years ago) a genius meditator (though completely uneducated, in terms of Dhamma [Dharma] as well), but after he became popular, bad guys appeared and decided to make money on him (making a Guru out of him, not affiliated with Tibetan Buddhism, from which he came from 8-) Now he is a prisoner of situation, maybe not under compulsion, but by his own will. Maybe now he can't show that meditation skills as before, because he "returned to lower life" -) However, I doubt that Discovery film about him (2008) is a fake. There he is shown to sit several days in a row - with their camera recording all that. This is the one and only reason why he became so popular. Because he could do that (unlike all other meditators) - and even hiding from people here and there in the jungle, in meditation chamber, didn't help him from becoming popular. As for his [Dharma] lectures - they are terrible -) It seems he doesn't really know what to say and why; or even at least how to interpret his meditation experience.
May I ask what you mean when you speak of the Nepali boy being able to confirm his claims? Are you referring just to his ability to sit for lengthy periods or is there something more than this?
I didn't mean he made some claims about jhana - I'm sure he even doesn't know what is that. I mean that if someone claims to have jhana (especially for many years), he should be able to meditate like Ram Bomjon. Maybe not several days in a row, but at least many hours in a row.
What about Wim Hof? aren't he master(he is but is he on the way becoming arhant?) according to your critical thinking?

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