Anyone who has seen rebirth ?.

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Re: Anyone who has seen rebirth ?.

Post by KumarS » Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:02 am

someguysomeguy wrote:It would be nice if there were some conclusive evidence, but I'm not surprised that there isn't. Rebirth is inherently hard to test -- how could it be done, really? Maybe some large-scale study carried out over generations and across multiple geographical regions, but who has the resources to conduct such a study?
Most Arhant claim to have recollection of past lives
If they could be more specific, as, for example, I was a carpenter in the life before.. then it would be easy to test.
Just go ahead and look for the historic traces for that carpenter.
There should be some record somewhere
rowboat wrote:I remember a previous life where I was a painter of religious art from Bhutan, attached to a monastery in Tibet. I was sent to the city of Lhasa and, to allay my fears of the supernatural, I was given an amulet which I ended up clutching so tightly on my journey that I wounded my hand. I met a woman, a singer, in a public square. We fell in love. We died together soon afterwards. (I have many details to share with a Tibetologist. Very likely chance for independent verification.)
Very interesting.
I think some independent verification is actually possible here.
For example, if you could share the name of the painter, the location of the monastery and the name of the woman, it may be possible to check about this.
After all, there may be some records of that monastery and of that painter, somewhere

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