Respones to "Ask A Monk: Addiction to Entertainment "

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Respones to "Ask A Monk: Addiction to Entertainment "

Post by dylanpieper » Fri Apr 04, 2014 2:20 am

What is your thoughts on this talk? The comments on YouTube are quite divided.

Here are my thoughts:

"The view I currently hold (which is subject to change) is that entertainment is a notion which varies in definition, is constantly changing, and can be found in many different mediums. I see no harm in exposure to any of these entertainments as long as one is heedful. In fact, if one is heedful then there is something one can learn. There are entertainments in the world of Buddhism, but most share the commonality of skillfulness. Thinking back to vipassana, what is most useful is observing our reactions to the conditioned state, so we entertain our attention there. Let us start with vipassana, and let the unbinding happen naturally. We may cause unneeded distress in attempt to nudge people into a space they will naturally gravitate to on their own after shown the way. For example, you did this well in your video about masturbation. That approach I see as more conducive to actualization. Much peace to you venerable Yuttadhammo. I see much goodness within you. Take care."

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