Do our minds create reality?

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Do our minds create reality?

Post by lyndon taylor » Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:46 pm

Split out of Abhidhamma topic:

This is actually in response to the OPs very first comment about reality, I hope that I don't go too far off topic;

The concept that everything is not real and in truth exists only in your head is a very interesting one, and to me almost believable if it were not for what modern science has taught us about (almost) everything being made of atoms and electrons, sub atomic particles etc. However that is only one plane of existence, the material world as we see it, scientists postulate there may be other dimensions not made of the same atomic and subatomic particles. That you could literally exist in more than one plane of existence simultaneously and who would there be to say one plane of existence is more real than another. Some of the Esoteric, Tibetan I think, teachings talk about a Buddha as existing in multiple locations at the same time, doing basically similar things, but maybe one on this planet, one on another, one on another, or at the same time at a different location on earth.

But very importantly, while we seem to have quite an understanding of the world that is made up of atoms and sub atomic particles (we call reality) There is a whole potential world existing right here in front of us that is not made of atoms electrons etc, or perhaps made up of sub atomic particles like the Higgs Boson that are not associated with or part of an atom, this to my belief is the world of the emptiness, all the things that are not made up of atoms electrons etc. People have theorized this emptiness is "god", contains all spirits or souls, ghosts, hungry ghosts. This is very theoretical and I just have some ideas, but I think the element of consciousness, the subtle mind that is reborn upon death, is part of this emptiness, and not made up of atoms and electrons like the physical world, I would also postulate that the mind, the consciousness, may be made up of non atomic "emptiness" hosted by the physical brain and that is the element that makes a person alive, and not dead like a rock. Also the force of kamma would be part of the emptiness, not the physical world, though of course the two worlds coexist and can influence each other.

All I know for sure is the Buddha spoke at length about the great importance of the emptiness, what if the emptiness is everything that exists besides the physical world made of atoms etc. In other words the emptiness is the non physical world and hence of great importance because it is all encompassing and exists inside everything we see as "real", our physical world.
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Re: Do our minds create reality?

Post by anatta1 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:16 pm

seek in deep for .....
the four Ultimate Truths (The Four Paramattha Dhammas)
conditioned dhammas (sankhara dhamma)
1) mind or consciousness (citta)- Mental Phenomena
2) mental factors (cetasika) - Mental Phenomena
3) corporeal matters (rupa) - Physical Phenomena

` unconditioned dhamma (visankhara dhamma)
4) Nibbāna

there is no worlds, no buddhas, no dimensions, and no......

There is no body suffer, only suffering itself.
There is no body crave, only cravenness itself.
There is no body escape, only extinction itself.
There is no body walk, only Maggin 8 Fold Path(route) itself.

sorry for my poor english
with metta
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