How do I stop wanting attention & acknowledgment?

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Re: How do I stop wanting attention & acknowledgment?

Post by chris98e » Tue Feb 11, 2014 7:36 am

First of all I might be the only one saying this but positive attention and acknowledgement can be a good thing. Those two things give people the will to live, for example doing a great deed or helping out a friend or even being good at something like bowling or chess. Second of all I don't believe in wanting attention and acknowledgment to make others feel like poop, for instance going into one profession instead of the other (i.e. going into business to buy a 60,000 dollar car instead of the medical field and helping others.) So it's healthy to want some kind of attention and acknowledgment just not the conceited kind. :bow: :thumbsup: :namaste: But then again what do I know. tomorrow I'm going to the store to see if they sell nicotine patches over the counter.

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