Insights from my 21 years of practising Goenka style

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Re: Insights from my 21 years of practising Goenka style

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Buddha didn’t teach anything neither about QI or Prana or whatever. Observe the truth as it is without putting word on it that’s the technic. Everyone can feel what yo call QI. But because you give an evaluation to it, you develop your ego and your ignorance. See the impermanence in everything. That’s the Buddha’s teaching, and it’s what Goenka repeat again and again. But still... some students don’t understand ....

practitioner wrote: Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:29 am Energy flow is not something Goenka is aware of. It is not something Buddha talked about.

It exists. Chinese call it Qi. Indian call it Prana. Wilhelm Reich calls it Orgone.

It is a matter of fact. Upon awareness of my hands I feel sensation of Qi.

When I meditate, with hands in mudra position and relaxed and when hands are in my awareness, there is Qi movement in my hands.

My mind is calm. I practiced 10 months of mental noting of thoughts before having gone to the retreat. My mind is calm so I attained access concentration in early February because I saw nimitta sign. This happened after I quit body scan near the end of Dec.

So, my mind was talkative because the body scan made the mind active by visiting different spots in the body and deciding if a minute is up for blank sensation and time to move on.

Eventually, after dozens of retreats, you will finally be told to do passive awareness of body. After having devoted all that time off from work for those retreats you end up doing what I have done for the past year, passive awareness of bodily sensations, feeling, mind, and mind states.

What is the point of body scan when Goenka ultimately teaches what I am doing that is in accordance with satipatthana?

Why say body scan is the vipassana that Buddha practiced then switch to satipatthana which is what Buddha taught? So, body scan is not what Buddha practiced. If so, why change technique to what Buddha really taught?
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