How Far Can A Householder Proceed

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Re: How Far Can A Householder Proceed

Post by arijitmitter » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:58 am

SarathW wrote: Having said all this I have not eliminate the possibility that one day I also will be a monk wearing a robe. :)
Sarath, I have seriously considered becoming a monk in last one month. Being single I have no obstacle. But I think if one wants to become a monk one should do so by 30 at latest ( exceptions maybe there ). After that the mind is too rigid to accept an organisational structure. Also one would look quite stupid studying next to kids who are 17.

However, one can become as ascetic at any age. I have set my mind on a lower goal - to become a recluse. But becoming a recluse in an urban environment is hard - doorbell alone rings six times in evening :( phone 6 times :( add that to faucet leak etc :( I stated earlier !! I want 48 hours alone !! :cry:

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