Ven Khunying Yai Damrongthammasan

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Ven Khunying Yai Damrongthammasan

Post by vishy89 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:11 am

Sharing this:

Buddhist text's true author identified as Thai woman
By Samanthi Dissanayake
BBC News

Khunying Yai Damrongthammasan was wealthy and extremely devout
A little-known Thai woman has been identified by researchers as the most likely author of an important Buddhist treatise, previously attributed to a high-profile monk.

Thammanuthamma-patipatti is a set of dialogues, supposedly between two prominent Thai monks last century.

It had been attributed to one of them - Venerable Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta.

But scholars believe it was really by a female devotee, making her one of the first Thai women to write such a text....

May I know if there are English translation of the aforementioned book available anywhere?


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