What's the point?

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Re: What's the point?

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RMHayes wrote:exception
"It's easy for us to connect with what's wrong with us... and not so easy to feel into, or to allow us, to connect with what's right and what's good in us."

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Re: What's the point?

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Thank you everyone, for the replies. :group: I found many of your contributions to be most insightful. RMHayes I appreciate the article on how we should be grateful for the positive things in this life as well as the negative things (that help us to develop patience and mindfulness). SarahW I think it's awesome how you turned an unfortunate circumstance into any opportunity to exercise your compassion for others. Kim, DAWN, cooran (unfortunately the link was broken but thank you regardless),daverupa, david, and any others i missed.. I'm grateful for your compassion towards me :hug: . You are all wonderful :anjali:
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the lake's surface does not try
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Re: What's the point?

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cooran wrote:
nrose619 wrote:I try being generous and kind and I just get stepped on by people. What's the point in being kind when people will just cut you down? Is there even a meaning to our existence? Sorry for the rant I just had a bad day and could really use some good advice. :cry:
I empathise with your feelings, and would be interested to hear if you find anything of assistance in the following link.:
http://Www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/auth ... b1068.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

With metta
Would that be http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/auth ... bl068.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (l, not 1)?

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Re: What's the point?

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Some good advice so far.

We should be kind because we see that it is the best way to be. If we are getting discouraged by of the lack of positive responses from people it is because we think we're supposed to get something in return, or we want to get something in return. It would be nice if people appreciated our kindness, but it is not a realistic way to look at the world.

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Re: What's the point?

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oh i'm sorry you had a bad day. Don't worry about it okay.Every time something unpleasant happens i pretend i have amnesia,it's not worth thinking about. :hug:

Remember that no good done is ever lost,not even a little bit.Think of it as an investment for the future. Every time you do good know that someday,somehow good things will come your way. :smile:
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