Mahāyāna, Zen, and Nibbana

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Mahāyāna, Zen, and Nibbana

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So recently I found myself scrolling through some Mahāyāna areas such as Dharmawheel and the Zen Forum International.

And I started to realize.


Nibbana is pretty awesome :)

I think sometimes with all the talk of "Cessation" sometimes us as Westerners or at least myself feel kind of "Well this is quite simple" *In practice very difficult* but after I've done the practice it's just "Cessation".

Well although in my small understanding I am no where near Nibbana or Unconditioned. It is nice to remember that this is the completion of the Holy Life. The highest of the peaks. Higher than the highest Pure Abode, Higher than the highest Brahma Plane, Etc.

So remember :namaste:

So if this means anything to anyone remember it is talked about as pretty dang awesome ;)

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Re: Mahāyāna, Zen, and Nibbana

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Destruction :anjali:
Sabbe dhamma anatta
We are not concurents...
I'am sorry for my english

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Re: Mahāyāna, Zen, and Nibbana

Post by darvki »

"Nibbanam paramam sukham." Dhammapada, verse 204.

Nibbana is the highest bliss.


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