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Kleshas types

Post by purple planet » Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:00 pm

I would like to ask about how you categorize some feelings and actions inside the Kleshas i think it will help me in my practice - i only remember a few stuff i wanted to ask about at the moment but i think it would be helpful to categorize more stuff so i might look in this thread in the future or for other people who will run into this thread

The simple ones are sexual desire and hunger to Attachment my problem is for instance listening to music - is it AVERSION from what i do at the moment or is it in ATTACHMENT to something i like or both or something else

What about shame is it AVERSION from people ? ATTACHMENT ? both ? something else ?

(mini question - is it a good way if its one of the kleshas to get rid of it by walking with a crazy clothes in the street of a far city ? and for fear is it good to go on a amusment park and bungee)
Please send merit to my dog named Mika who has passed away - thanks in advance

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