My Comprehension of the 10 fetters

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My Comprehension of the 10 fetters

Post by xtracorrupt » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:05 pm

this is my(emphasis on this) comprehension of the 10 fetters, please do not judge and just take into consideration

Belief in a self: how u actually be something when there is nobody to actually define those things? so whatever you think is inaccurate

Doubt or uncertainty: How can something be defined, therefore how could u believe in something that isn't true?( this one is sorta hard to explain)

attachement to rites or rituals: growing up an atheist i never really practised this, but how would u know what to actually perform as a rite or ritual? who's there to tell you whats appropriate, and if u believe there is someone what makes his opinion right?

sensual desire: Why desire something that you don't actually need? why would u need sensual desires to be happy?

ill will: What benefit does it give you to inflict suffering?

lust for material existence: what benefit do material things actually give, other then the ones that prolong life?

lust for immaterial existence: Why would this be important? what purpose does immaterial existence serve?

conceit: Why would u want to believe something that isn't true? why make up things? why wish even to be something that you have no need to be?

Restlessness: why sleep unless you have to? instead of sleeping why not help people be happy and stop suffering?

ignorance: why disregard information? what reason do you have to avoid information? what judgements are u actually forced to make?
theres is no need for needing

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