Covetousness evil effect

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Covetousness evil effect

Post by andyn » Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:12 am

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Two conditions are necessary to complete the evil of covetousness: -- namely, i. another's possession, and ii. adverting to it, thinking ? 'would this be mine!'

The inevitable consequence of covetousness is non-fulfilment of one's wishes.
So, for example, if I saw a person driving a Mercedez, and I think to myself: "hmm, that looks so nice, wish I have one for myself to drive". That'd cause this "evil effect"? From what I understand, the effect of karma happens only if you do good or harm to others in one way or another, so how such mere thinking would have cause this?



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Re: Covetousness evil effect

Post by nameless » Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:01 am

"Intention, I tell you, is kamma. Intending, one does kamma by way of body, speech, & intellect.

What you quoted requires some interpretation, because obviously if you coveted a Mercedez, it won't be an "inevitable consequence" that you won't be able to get one.

A possible interpretation is that for example, you covet the Mercedez, and you get it. Then what? You will want something else, because you decided to fulfill your covetousness instead of understand and release it. It's like feeding an addiction. Eventually, it is inevitable that you will want something that you can't get.

But of course, that is just my own interpretation.

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