My Abbot is improving

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Phra Chuntawongso
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My Abbot is improving

Post by Phra Chuntawongso »

Hello everyone.
I thought that I would update you all in regards to my Abbot, Bhante Dr. Apisit.
Bhante came out of hospital yesterday and came up to the temple to pay us all a quick visit.
Although he has a way to go before getting back to good health, he has improved greatly since I last saw him, and the yellow has gone from his eyes.
He will be spending some time at another temple further out from here to continue his recovery, as if he were to stay here then he would probably not get a lot of rest. Everyone would want to visit him( can't blame them) and he is too nice to turn anyone away.However he will start visiting here on a semi regular basis for 2-3 hours a day.
Thankyou all for your kindness that you have shown over the past few months.
All your kind wishes, and metta, I am sure have contributed to Bhantes improvement.
With metta, Phra Greg. And a happy new year to everyone, well everyone here in Thailand.
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Re: My Abbot is improving

Post by retrofuturist »

Greetings bhante,

I am very pleased for you, your abbot, and your community.

Retro. :)
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Re: My Abbot is improving

Post by Ben »

Thank you Bhante for updating us with the good news of Venerable's improving health!
May it continue to improve.
kind regards

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Re: My Abbot is improving

Post by Vepacitta »

So glad to hear that your Abbot is getting better, Bhante!

Best wishes from Mt. Meru,

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Re: My Abbot is improving

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Sadhu bhante!
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