There are somethings about Thai culture.

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There are somethings about Thai culture.

Post by Golf@Bangkok » Mon May 24, 2010 6:35 pm

Sawasdee kaap (Hello in Thai lanugage) all readers, :quote:
I wanna share somethings about Thai culture and hope that would be advantage for whoever have Thai friend or wanna visit Thailand. When the foreigners come to Thailand,they will have a lot of doubts that why we have to all the time smile or stay away from them. The smile is the symbol of general greeting. Most of Thais like helping foreigners,but we are afraid of speaking English. Some of my friend can't get closed to them even though they are able to speak English. However,the best things that we suggest to the new comer is about visiting monastery. We believe that the new comer should be at least worship in order to make a fresh start,bring the good thing to life,let the bad thing out. Then, I believe that The Lord Buddha will protect from the all evil all the trip in Thailand. In Thailand,you will learn that we have many kinds of nickname in order to make easier friendship. You may be get new name back from the trip. I have already given Thai name to my foreigner friends.The is the great friendship that we love to give to them.
PS.I attached one of my favorite one small temple in the valley. I hope you like it.
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Re: There are somethings about Thai culture.

Post by Pannapetar » Tue May 25, 2010 2:29 am

Sawasdee khrap, Khun Golf,

I have lived in Thailand for 17 years. According to my observation, English language skill is advancing, especially in Bangkok. Two decades ago it was difficult to find people on the street who speak English. Now the young people all speak at least a little bit of English. Also, farangs have become a common sight everywhere in Thailand. Unlike in the 80s where farangs were sometimes eyed with curious interest, occasionally even stared at, everyone seems to have gotten used to those big-nosed, lumbering, white farangs who can't walk down Sukhumvit without knocking their heads on some low-hanging items.

When I tried to start an English conversation back in those days, I would often see panic in the Thai peoples' eyes. Some would would simply freeze, others would start to stutter, or run away to get someone else to speak English. Since this was not very helpful, I quickly learned basic conversation in Thai. Nowadays, it's quite OK to speak English. Even here in Chiang Mai, many shopkeepers, students, and office people speak (at least some) English. That's good for both of us. It makes it easier for us farangs to communicate, and it gives the Thai people a window into the world by means of English books, movies, and telecommunication.


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Re: There are somethings about Thai culture.

Post by sukhamanveti » Tue May 25, 2010 3:08 am

Hi, Golf@Bangkok.

Thank you for sharing your insights about Thailand.

The temple and the surrounding vegetation are beautiful.

Best regards.
Sīlaṃ balaṃ appaṭimaṃ.
Sīlaṃ āvudhamuttamaṃ.
Sīlamābharaṇaṃ seṭṭhaṃ.
Sīlaṃ kavacamabbhutaṃ.

Virtue is a matchless power.
Virtue is the greatest weapon.
Virtue is the best adornment.
Virtue is a wonderful armor.

Theragatha 614

Sabbapāpassa akaraṇaṃ,
kusalassa upasampadā,
etaṃ buddhāna sāsanaṃ.

Refraining from all wrong-doing,
Undertaking the good,
Purifying the mind,
This is the teaching of the buddhas.

Dhammapada v. 183/14.5

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