when to doubt a scientific consensus

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Re: when to doubt a scientific consensus

Post by nathan » Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:15 am

I think the definitive scientific answer on the climate in a hundred years will be measured in about a hundred years. Computer models don't convince me of anything, not even good traffic management. So I will continue to be skeptical.

My grandparents had ten kids. My parents had two kids. My sister and I have no children. I live in 30 sq. feet of space. I eat one meal a day. There isn't anything more I can do about it. That is all one person can reasonably do. This isn't a message for me. It doesn't change my world. Doesn't change the world of half the planets population because they live with as little as or less than I do. It's not our issue. We don't have a combined carbon footprint worth selling. We can't get electric cars at any price. Things like products that make it to our level may actually matter to us. In my lifetime this is either going to end up as taxes or part of the price of things. Other than that, the citizens of this and that country aren't particularly involved unless it is an aspect of their work to be involved. As far as that goes, whether this outlook particularly proves true or not doesn't even matter, never did before.
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