Mercury Amalgam

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Mercury Amalgam

Post by altar » Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:56 pm

Hello All,
I've been interested in causes for fatigue, and one of the things I came across was a controversial idea that seems to be backed up by at least some study, which is that the mercury fillings which are commonly used in dentistry are in fact toxic to people who have them in their mouths.
So, I found out about this a few months ago and just read about it again...
Some people seem to think the best thing to do is get fillings removed. I watched a video in which academics/researchers etc. who were interviewed had actually gotten theirs removed.
Most seemed to think there was not good reason to consider mercury fillings safe. Of course, this was a video that was informing people about the possible dangers so people of the opposite view probably were excluded. It is possible to find writings stating that this "mercury amalgam is unsafe" position is bogus, however I think that view is generally endorsed by people from the dental industry (who might have peer pressure and also not want to come out with a position that goes against what they've been doing for years)...
What does everyone think?
Bogus? Reasonable, but there's not enough data? Time to remove the fillings? "Could be."?
Interested to hear what people will say.
The rather one-sided video I just watched:

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Re: Mercury Amalgam

Post by Ben » Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:09 am

Hi Alter

I think that if mercury fillings are toxic, there would be a massive body of evidence to support it. When you think of how many people have had mercury fillings in their life over the decades that mercury amalgam has been in use with no ill-effect - it makes you wonder about the toxicity claims.

My dentist is a highly trained and professional dental scientist. When I am in that chair I know that it is my health and wellbeing that he is looking after.
Alter, if you are interested in the truth of the matter, I suggest you do a literature search on the use of amalgam in dentistry and the toxicology of mercury amalgam on medline.
Kind regards

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Re: Mercury Amalgam

Post by Dan74 » Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:25 am

What's totally harmless for most people (like peanuts) can be deadly for some others. So I guess it is conceivable that some people may be sensitive to trace amounts of mercury and react with fatigue symptoms, etc. If I were you and was worried about this I would look at the big picture, especially diet, lifestyle, investigate possible allergies, think about the location of the house (pollution, close proximity to power lines, dust) and if your troubles started around the time you got the fillings, take them out if you can afford to. They are unlikely to be the cause, but that would at least eliminate one suspect.

Google chronic fatigue (you probably have already). And while you work on solutions, it is important to learn to live with what is. Some prominent teachers live with chronic fatigue, like Pema Chodron, for instance.

Good luck!!!

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