Ajahn Brahm and the strange bottles of Pepsi!

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Re: Ajahn Brahm and the strange bottles of Pepsi!

Post by Sam Vara » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:41 pm

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Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:41 pm
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Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:27 pm
Here is what he says "make your concentration strong .. make a wish .. see what happens next" (words changed to avoid google search)
That's an old parlor trick. There were some so-called psychics back in the 1970s and 1980s who used similar tactics. They informed their audiences to go to their attics and find an old watch; to hold it and "wish" for it to start working. Back then, watches were mostly mechanical so the mere picking them up made it start working again.

As long as the "wish" isn't too outrageous (like winning lottery), everyday wishes happen all the time, we just don't notice it very well. For example, a person might wish that someone praises their appearance and then they go to work and a co-worker comments on their nice shoes or suit; everyday events that one doesn't notice much, but since they wished for it they say "ah hah--the wish worked!"
I heard a beautiful variation of this from an old special forces soldier who had served in Malaya prior to independence.

His role was to train air force personnel in jungle survival techniques. Baling out over the jungle was an ever-present risk for the air force, and meant certain death unless they had been trained to survive and navigate their way back to base. So he taught them the basics of building shelters, finding food, etc., and then a platoon of 20, with him in command, would be parachuted into thick jungle miles from their base.

His boast to them was that he could not only navigate them back to their base, but he could bring them out of the jungle at the precise spot on the perimeter road where the Chinese vendor was passing by with his refrigerated bicycle trailer filled with cold beers. They scoffed at this, but he bet them the price of the beers, and he never had to buy one. Every time, the sweating grumbling group would hack their way out of the jungle onto the perimeter road, and there was the Chinese vendor with his bike and the beers.

The group never realised that the Chinese guy watched them take off, gave them the standard three days to get back, and then spent the next day sitting quietly on his bike on the perimeter road. Twenty inexperienced Englishmen make a great deal of noise hacking through thick jungle and shouting to each other, so he would just cycle towards the noise and wait for them to emerge with their raging thirsts and their money...


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