Sense of self

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Sense of self

Post by auto » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:11 pm

It is real, it has tangible basis.

It is your name where you recognize that someone is talking with you.

You can call your name at silent night alone to your own self, it is creepy, but it causes tingles to arise in body.(whatever works for you to cause this sensation in your back)
These tingles are not just tingles, they can be exhausted, emptied out. This is one point in body, they will travel to the head through back bone and enter via forehead eyes into heart by doing self enquiry.

Doing self enquiry, sometimes there will be a impulse going to the heart, and after several of those there happen a strong electrical charged heart beat(it can manifest as lighting strike and can hear thunderstorm).
Thinking about others, there may happen a cold fluid substance sensation in solar plexus.
Cold sensation in the muscles: same feeling after doing stand ups or horse stance or holding hands up in air, prolonged work.

When not aware of your self(what originates as particles from backbone), then particles gather on the dreamy field, lucid dream may happen. When you are aware of your self, particles gather in head. In head they are lead to body, they enter the muscles, doing work, exhausting, the heat will activate internal breath.

Breath will cultivate sensual centers and sense of self is gotten what particles can be sucked directly into head, also a mind fluid substance what can overcome lust develops what can be used like handle to defeat lust and also knowledge arises.
Its different, depending on the grade of delusion and how directly, what practice, environment, what manifest for you when walking the path.
But the point is there is self. If you have some other way to get to the heart then fine.

I already can sometimes take substance from other person breath when i hear it. There is lots of shortcuts or direct paths to be discovered.


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