Praying for Fred Phelps

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Re: Praying for Fred Phelps

Post by boris » Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:29 pm

The term “hate group” gets thrown around a lot, but in the case of Westboro Baptist Church the term is accurate, as indicated by signs like “IT’S THE FAGS STUPID,” “FAGS DIE GOD LAUGHS,” and the honest “GOD HATES YOU.”

Their theology is a form of Calvinism that holds that man is naturally depraved and only a select few are saved. The church’s FAQ answers the question “Doesn’t the Bible say that God loves everyone?” with a “No,” followed by an explanation. Westboro Baptist’s members feel that they are commanded to tell people they’re wrong, even if doing so is useless, since who is saved and who is damned has already been decided from the beginning of time.

Although I lost my faith long ago, I found myself taking a liking to Pastor Phelps and his church. There is something incredibly inspiring and, well, manly about a God filled with such hatred and wrath. Phelps came across as a real man, especially when contrasted with advocates of the hippie Jesus who were interviewed in opposition to him.

It’s pretty remarkable that nine out of thirteen of the founder’s children stayed with the most hated church in America. You usually can’t count on your kids sharing your political and theological beliefs in this day and age. For example, two of Ronald Regan’s four children became liberal activists. Phelps, whether through beating his kids or merely through the sheer force of his personality (aided, perhaps, by genes predisposed to accept authority), made sure his offspring followed in his footsteps. One daughter had ten kids. (Reagan, for comparison once again, had zero grandchildren.)

Phelps is an alpha at an almost supernatural level, akin to Brigham Young or Mohammed. He didn’t even need to find followers; he made them! ... more-46255
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