World Chess Championship 2013

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Re: World Chess Championship 2013

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Not to excuse thoughts or speech of revenge at all, but having played tournament chess as a kid I will give two cents. When they compare chess to "war" and "revenge", that's close to the truth. "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu. You make moves that trick your opponent into getting into a position where you can crush him. You move your pieces to deceive, to lie, to set traps, entice your opponent with baited hooks, to get your opponent to bite so you can catch him and destroy him. I wasn't that great a player but those people I could beat I usually beat via trickery or waiting until they made a mistake and then punishing them for it. Chess is merciless.

I personally agree with you about the abhorrence of revenge and here is my take on the reasons of revenge. Revenge is accepted in politics, e.g. 9/11. One could also argue that revenge is basically ingrained in the human psyche; see this wikipedia page about vendetta in modern times. So from both the higher, political end and the lower, inherent end there is a tendency towards revenge. Often, those extremely gifted and high performing individuals like Mr. Carlsen don't give themselves time to reflect on themselves because they are so deep into their work.

Of course, the Buddha addressed the reasons for something like this. I forgot the sutta and the exact wording, but the Buddha basically traces the chain of events leading to such reprehensible actions. I'm mangling it, but it went something like: desire leads to seeking, seeking leads to finding, finding leads to affection, affection leads to protecting, protecting leads to clinging, etc. If someone knows which sutta, I'd be glad to know it; it may have been in the Digha Nikaya.
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhassa

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Re: World Chess Championship 2013

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Yea I basically agree with chownah. Chess is a game of conquest and conquered. Like any game really it can tend to breed enmity and misery. I guess its possible to play a game just for fun in a good hearted manner, but this seems pretty rare. In my experience playign some games at semi-competitive levels, and I have a hard time seeing the point anymore of taking an arbitrary game so seriously. When you get right down to it he is just engaged in constant mathematical problem solving.
Ddh 201: Conquest begets enmity; the conquered live in misery; the peaceful live happily having renounced conquest and defeat. ... ?verse=201
Another question...what is the chance of Carelson going mad someday? Obviously he has an exceptional brain, and well, that often seems to come along with mal-adapations and other difficulties.
However, high IQ is not always beneficial. Terman’s study of the highest IQ group among his cohort revealed that more than one third grew up to be ‘maladjusted’ in some way: for example having significant problems of anxiety, depression, personality disorder or experience of ‘nervous breakdowns’. ... gh-iq.html