curious observation

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curious observation

Post by resistingSi » Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:16 am

I got a mate who is fairly spiritually aware of stuff. Got a basic understanding of history, religion, occult, metaphysics, ancient history. So he knows karma to some degree. Things have to be resolved. The play will unfold, etc.

Is it true that someone with reasonable insight can be demonic? I dont mean terrible and horrible like the dark occult making wars and lies the norm at the highest level in this tortured world. I mean just kind of given up and leaning on the wrong side of the fence in this life. If it is a demonic association, does it tie into multiple future lives? Perhaps the whole notion is a shadow of something else. Im just trying to learn and explore.

By the way I use the term demonic cos he seemed to have experiences with them for a few years.

Any thoughts welcome :)

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Re: curious observation

Post by chownah » Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:32 pm

I think there would be more interest in this post if you could restate it in more conventional terms. The word demonic comes with a whole lot of associations that really have nothing to do with Theravada Buddhism which is what is being discussed here on this forum. Also, leaning on the wrong side of the fence is pretty vague and doesn't give a clear idea of what you are talking about. If you could describe some specific behaviors that your friend exhibits then people would understand what you are talking about. For instance, from what you have said, your friend could be anything from a naughty school boy all the way to a mob enforcer. As far as tying into multiple future lives, the idea usually accepted in Theravada Buddhism is that everyone will keep having one future life after another until/unless that person attains nibanna(also called nirvana) even of your friend was a perfect housewife who loved her children dearly and made sacrifices to be sure that they were raised the right way and even if she was a charming wife etc. etc.........she would still have future lives until she specifically attained nibanna......Just being "good" or "bad" is not enough to end future lives.....of course some people like the idea of being able to have future lives in which case they are in luck from the Buddhist perspective because just doing what comes naturally is a guarantee for future lives......of course some/many/most of those lives might be spent in a hell of one sort or another depending on how "naughty"one has been.

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