Yuzo Uda - unfiltered look at Burma

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Yuzo Uda - unfiltered look at Burma

Postby cooran » Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:57 am

From Japan – an unfiltered look at Burma
Yuzo Uda, a photojournalist from Japan, has spent more than two decades documenting the daily lives of people in Burma. (Photo: JPaing / The Irrawaddy)
http://www.irrawaddy.org/archives/24855 ... 4.facebook
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Re: Yuzo Uda - unfiltered look at Burma

Postby Kim OHara » Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:08 pm

I read From the Land of Green Ghosts http://www.amazon.com/Land-Green-Ghosts-Burmese-Odyssey/dp/0060505230 a while ago and found it fascinating.
The author grew up in what the guidebooks would call a hill-tribe village - animist with a veneer of Catholicism, living on jungle food as much as what they grew. He went to university in Mandalay but became involved in the war against the junta, ended up fighting on the Thai border. He was eventually rescued from that by quite an improbable chain of events and went to the UK. Merely as an eyewitness account of a completely alien-to-the-West upbringing it would be hard to beat, but It's also a vivid eyewitness account of a particularly brutal civil war.
Highly recommended!


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