Ye Olde Remedies: Tics, Leeches, Mosquitos,........

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Ye Olde Remedies: Tics, Leeches, Mosquitos,........

Post by andrewhallas » Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:23 pm

I have been wondering if the wise and wonderful people of this forum would have
any Old time remedies like your granny used to make you, maybe any Herbal remedies
or even just general advice on insect repelents or help releving the bites for all those
little insects such as Mosquitos, Tics, Leeches, Midges, ect....

This is from a fellow forum user PianoPiano who suggested the use of a lemon-grass or
citronella essential oil may help putting Leeches off your scent but did stress they are
fast movers and sense your body heat. Anyone who's tried this i'd love to know

many thanks


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