News from Bangkok - Partying monks arrested

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News from Bangkok - Partying monks arrested

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Bangkok post can report about mental defilements just not happens with lay people.
CHON BURI – Police raided a temple in Sattahip district and arrested several monks for throwing a party with alcohol, drugs and women at their living quarters. They arrested five monks and seized drug paraphenalia, methamphetamine tablets, 10 bottles of alcohol, pornographic movies, women's underwear, knives and a gun. Police said three women, age 18-25, were also found partying with the monks, however they slipped away. The raid came after police caught two novice monks sneaking out of the temple during the night.

Police said the monks would be ejected from the monkhood and taken into police custody.

And, further north, abbot of Wat Mae Takhrai, Phra Thianchai Suphathutho, met with DSI chief Tarit Pengdit and laid the charge against the skin tattoo artist known as Ajarn Noo Kanpai. As he had failed to construct the world's largest image of Luang Phor Tuad at his temple.

Maybe this marks the ending of rain season? Anyway, its all in the past now, and hopefully they all will get better soon. :tongue:

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Re: News from Bangkok - Partying monks arrested

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In the second case, the money from donations involved was "merely" 400 million baht: ... too-master" onclick=";return false;

This is Thailand...
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