The Beautiful Klampenborg,Copenhagen.

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The Beautiful Klampenborg,Copenhagen.

Post by yawares » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:15 am

:heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA :heart: ... re=related" onclick=";return false;
Dear Members,

This Wednesday, please let me take you to the beautiful Klampenborg,Copenhagen. ... fo8vgPvzQd" onclick=";return false;

Summer was the best time to go to the beach.

Late morning in Copenhagen, the ambassador's wife called to invite me to her informal party, Pad was in my room so I asked if Pad could come with me...she said yes and she sent the chauffeur to drive us to her place. There,I met a Thai professor named Pensak (teaching Thai Language at a university in Copenhagen),she was 40 yrs old and really looked like a teacher. She sat near the ambassador and Dr.Keeler(ambassador's doctor). By the time we finished lunch, we all got along so well.

Pad talked about her car accident that I threw the badman's car key into the river, the whole story and everybody laughed. Later on, Dr.Keeler invited me/Pad/Pensak to the beach at Klampenborg the next day, we offered to bring Thai foods/desserts for the beach picnic.

After the party, we went with Pensak to help her cooked...she had a very nice house..lots of Thai novel-books. We liked her alot, she's so friendly/intelligent, she had so many students who loved to study Thai language/culture. Weeks later, I had chances to mingle with her students so they could practice speaking Thai with me. I also became a Thai-food-carrier from Bangkok for both the ambassador's wife/Pensak, and I was happy to do so, because they were so nice to me.

The next day Dr.Keeler drove his black Volvo to take me/Pad/Pensak to the beach, very far from our hotel.
We had so much fun, Dr.Keeler/Pensak went for swimming, Pad/I didn't have bikinis with us so we just sat on the beach and looked at beautiful danish people played volley ball. We heated our food at the picnic place, smell so good, Dr.Keeler really liked Thai foods/desserts. We were on the beach from 10 AM until dark but Dr.Keeler insisted that we should lie down on the sandy beach under the moonlight and looked at twinkle stars/full moon. There were many people around us, and 2 polices still on my drunk people there!!

Well,the beach at Klampenborg was indeed so very beautiful at night under the bright shining moon/starry sky and the sound of the waves reaching to kiss the shore. I wish I had a boombox with me...I missed music." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

:heart: Love the beach,
yawares :heart:

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