What would you do?

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What would you do?

Post by thornbush » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:06 am

Once upon a time....a conversation started....between 2 chatters...A & B...just occasional chatters...

Day 1
A had some tough luck in a foreign land...even lost financial resources...with little left..
But still managed to get a flight to return back to A's country of origin...transiting at B's country...
So, B gave useful links and advice on what to do in B's country as asked by A, whilst awaiting for next flight...
Then, A mentioned that probably it would be a confinement at the airport due to strain of financial resources...
Fine. So, B gave info links on the Airport and advice on what to do whilst confined to that place...

Day 2
A met B in the chat room again...
A started typing in caps asking for assistance from B as A claims to be destitute of food and beverage provisions...and has to wait until the following night before boarding off
B remarked that due to unfamiliarity with A's actual person and background and actual location other than some Forum nick/handle, there is hesitance in rendering 'aid'...but advised A to seek assistance with the Airport authorities and the police to obtain help...
A worked on 2 assumptions: that they were 'friends' (by virtue of chatting)and was surprised at the lack of 'Buddhist compassion'.
B asserted again that B stands by own decision and offered to contact the Forum's Admin/Moderators to assist A.
A declined and stated that it was his own misunderstanding that he had visited that Forum long enough to gain some 'friendship'.

End of conversation...

B has totally no proper background info on A, even with A describing the 'situation', no way to verify its authenticity...and a 'distress' is sent out...in an internet chat room...surprisingly A can even get into the chat room in a 'destitute' situation (unless of course A has a laptop and running on WIFI at the airport).

What would you have done if you were B?

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Re: What would you do?

Post by Ben » Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:50 am

thornbush wrote:What would you have done if you were B?
Talk about the weather.

Thornbush, you can't take responsibility for other people's states of mind, let alone, physical situations.
When I was growing up, someone said to me 'Charity begins at home', and I think that's also true for compassion.
Kind regards

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Re: What would you do?

Post by kc2dpt » Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:54 pm

thornbush wrote:What would you have done if you were B?
Nothing different. Even if A wasn't scamming, A may be used to asking acquaintances for money. But that's by all means not normal, accepted social behavior. And on the internet? Totally not normal. Well, actually it's very normal to ask for money of a total straner on the internet; it's a very very common scam. :shrug:
- Peter

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Re: What would you do?

Post by Fede » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:50 pm

Sensible compassion Vs Idiot compassion....... :thinking:

Eightfold path.... Right View, Right Intention......

Easy really...... :tongue:


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Re: What would you do?

Post by Tex » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:18 pm

In this modern age there really isn't much excuse for being stranded in a foreign country with no access to your resources back home. If family cannot assist then surely someone at a consulate can, and I'd be willing to bet there is even a bank right there in the airport that can receive wired funds. I don't see the problem?

Call me a cynic, but this screams "set-up!" to me. I think "B" handled it perfectly.
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Re: What would you do?

Post by BubbaBuddhist » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:44 pm

Thorny did you report this incident to the mods of said chatroom?

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Re: What would you do?

Post by thornbush » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:57 am

No Bubba, as there was no necessity as of yet. And it wasn't a 'life threatening' situation as in real life situation and have no wish to pursue a 'non-essential' matter. Have kept a copy of the conversation just as a back-up...one never knows when it may come in handy...

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Re: What would you do?

Post by Ngawang Drolma. » Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:13 am

Person B did the right (and safe) thing. No doubt about it.



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