Member Poll on "News..." -- postscript

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Member Poll on "News..." -- postscript

Post by cjmacie » Mon May 28, 2018 2:46 pm

Just as I'm about to add a post to explain a vote for the last option ("something else altogether"), which had been explicitly asked for but hardly answered, the OP author locks it down.

So, if it's allowed, here's that explanation (posthumously, so to speak):

The whole endeavor – considering modifications to policy re news, events, politics – is, IMO, irrelevant. A modification / suggestion that would, in a sense, resolve the multi-fold issues would be to rename the forum "Samsara Wheel" – that entire (POLL) thread being a prime example.

Further supporting evidence: Sampling the panel (1st page) of "Active Topics", 22 threads in 10 categories appear. Among those, the categories "Lounge", "News...", and "Suggestions" (largely the POLL) account for 11 threads, or 50% of all. In terms of posts, the threads in those three categories account for 93% of all posts across those threads (2427 out of 2608).

That is to say, 50% of threads and 93% of posts discuss"worldly" matters (samsara), while 50% of threads and 7% of posts deal with "dhamma".

(If there'd been a recent post in the "POTUS 2017" thread – last activity being on May 24th – it would have been more than 94% samsara stuff, less than 6% dhamma related.)

(btw: There's an impressive graphic depiction of the "Wheel of Samsara" in Ajahn Amaro's book "Rain on the Nile", page 149, which I seem to recall he drew himself. The book can be downloaded from here: Maybe he would give permission to use this graphic for this forum. ;) )

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Re: Member Poll on "News..." -- postscript

Post by SDC » Mon May 28, 2018 2:48 pm

Thank for sharing cj. We will bear this in mind.


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