theravada->theravāda on site header

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theravada->theravāda on site header

Post by dylanj » Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:20 am

I posted about this before but people thought I was referring to the subtitle headers. All of those are correct, as was pointed out, but this at the top lacks the diacritic. Obviously not the most important matter but I think it'd be a plus to change it.
susukhaṃ vata nibbānaṃ,
asokaṃ virajaṃ khemaṃ,
yattha dukkhaṃ nirujjhatī

Oh! extinction is so very blissful,
As taught by the One Rightly Self-Awakened:
Sorrowless, stainless, secure;
Where suffering all ceases

etaṁ santaṁ etaṁ panītaṁ yadidaṁ sabbasaṅkhārasamatho sabbūpadhipaṭi nissaggo taṇhakkhayo virāgo nirodho nibbānaṁ

This is peaceful, this is excellent, that is: the stilling of all fabrications, the relinquishment of all attachments, the destruction of craving, detachment, cessation, extinction.

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