To many forums

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To many forums

Post by anthbrown84 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:32 am

Hello everyone,

I have been thinking a lot recently that this forum and the amounts of posts it receives eould greatly improve if the amount of sub forums were decreased.

The broken down forums imo are to specific, its not necessary to breakdown a Sub forum called Modern Theravada into sub sections called "theravada for the modern world" and "general theravada".... to me, one forum called modern theavada covers all the sub content in that specific group.... again with General Theravada... imo it doesnt need 5 forums covering personal experience, dhammic stories, shrine room etc

although this makes the content of that forum exactly what it says, is this really neccesary? if we had a forum called general theravada it had personal experience in with open dhamma topics would that really matter? if people dont want to read the post theyll see from the title?

Am i just being picky? i honestly think less sub forums means a busier more active and thriving forum...

with metta x
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Re: To many forums

Post by Ben » Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:27 am

Thank you AB for your input.
As DW continues to grow and evolve its structure will also change. I appreciate your suggestion as there may be scope to merge some sub-fora and we will look at that. Sometimes there is a need to create a sub-fora for particular subject areas or for discussions to be bounded by particular guidelines otherwise we have situations where carefully framed discussions go off-topic very quickly or we impose extraordinary demands on mod staff to keep threads on topic.
Kind regards,
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